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Newspaper 2016.01.27 "Tachibana High Music Club demonstrates singing voices" (Fukushima Minpo article)


TV 2013.03.27 2nd Hand in Hand Concert Covered in a Variety of Media!
TV 2013.03.26 Tuesday, March 26: FCI Morning Eye Aired Footage of Friday, March 22 NY Concert
TV 2013.03.03 Saturday, March 2: TBS News Aired Footage of Toppan Hall Commemorative Concert
Newspaper 2013.02.26 “’Showing gratitude to the world through singing’: Ishinomaki send-off concert” (Kahoku Shinpo article)
Newspaper 2013.02.26 “Voices of gratitude reaching the world: Ofunato High and Kamaishi High music clubs” (Iwate Nippo article)
News Paper 2013.01.05 “Asakareimei Choir Club: New York concert in March” (Fukushima Minyu Shimbun article)


TV 2012.12.27  “Asakareimei Choir Club performing in Hand in Hand” (Fukushima Minyu Shimbun article)
TV 2012.10.16 NHK: Telemasamune
TV 2012.10.13 Miyagi TV
TV 2012.10.13 KHB TV (Higashi Nippon Broadcasting)
News Paper 2012.10.04 “Voices of gratitude singing in NY” (Kahoku Shinpo article)
News Paper 2012.09.23 “Youths from disaster-affected areas singing choral requiem in NY” (Sankei Shimbun article)
News Paper 2012.09.13  “Building friendship of youths across borders” (Sankei Shimbun article)
News Paper 2012.03.24 Articles about 2012 project