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About the Organization

This project is managed by an organization consisting of the General Producer, Music Director, Promotion Committee, Global Supporters, Japan Office, and New York Office. Each of their roles are described below:


  1. The General Producer oversees management of performances in Japan and the US.
  2. The Music Director is responsible for auditions, training camps, rehearsals, and concerts in Japan as part of the project, as well as for conducting concerts and providing musical direction.
  3. The Promotion Committee plans and promotes activities, participates in one Promotion Committee meeting a month, and provides fundraising support.
  4. The Global Supporters provide assistance with donations and introducing potential partners, and support project management and promotion.
  5. The Japan Office is responsible for inviting Japanese student participants, auditions, holding concerts, planning events, assembling Promotion Committee members and calling meetings, fundraising activities, and other practical management.
  6. The New York Office is responsible for planning, preparing, rehearsals, finding venues, and other aspects of holding concerts in the US.

Organizational Chart

Promotion Committee

Promotion Committee Chair Masayoshi Kusunoki (Sekisui House, Ltd.)
Promotion Committee Members Yasumitsu Nakajima (Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)
Eriko Asai (GE Japan)

Music Director

Music Director Atsushi Yamada (Principal Conductor of Philharmonia Orchestra of New York)


General Producer and Executive Director

Masami Sato


Takehiro Mikura
Saori Isawa
Mari Honda



Address Roppongi Mikawadai Bldg5F, Roppongi 4-8-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032
TEL  03-6890-5368
FAX 03-5414-7966



New York

Address 2F, 42 West 24th Street, New York, NY10010