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Background and Goal of Establishing Branch Office

Over the past five years of the project, all of the high schools in Miyagi prefecture with musical clubs that could individually participate in the project have, from both coastal and inland disaster-affected areas. The following high schools and groups from Miyagi prefecture have participated in the project:

(First year) Tohoku Fukushi University
(Second year) Miyagi Prefectural Ishinomaki Kobunkan High School/ Ishinomaki Municipal Girls’ Senior High School
(Third year) Miyagi Prefectural Tagajo High School was nominated for the project, but they declined and so there were no representatives from Miyagi this year.
(Fourth year) Miyagi Prefectural Sendai Sanoh High School/Natori Kodomo Musical
(Fifth year) Miyagi Prefectural Sendai Sanoh High School/Natori Kodomo Musical OG


Until now, schools and groups have mainly participated in the project individually, but as of the fifth year of the project most of the valid schools in the disaster-affected areas in Miyagi prefecture had already participated in the project. Therefore, Hand in Hand Natori was established as a local chapter of Hand in Hand. From now on, all high school students in Miyagi prefecture will be able to apply individually to the project through Hand in Hand Natori. Until now, the project was not able to handle individual students who wanted to participate, but now they will be able to participate by joining Hand in Hand Natori.
This local chapter will generally accept high school students as participants, but if they are Hand in Hand alumni then university students may also participate. However, for the New York concert the university students will work as volunteers helping prepare the younger students for the stage.

Purpose of Establishment

  1. To carry out the project’s activities throughout Miyagi prefecture, for Miyagi high school students who understand the concept of the project
  2. As with the main project, activities will be regulated based on consultation with the Executive Director and Music Director, and will include continuing promotion of the project in Miyagi prefecture and the Tohoku region
  3. With the continuation of the project as a consideration, Hand in Hand Natori will support operations along with volunteers for joint events in Japan with participant schools from other prefectures, simultaneously carry out training for future participation as volunteers

Activity Details

Natori Kodomo Musical OG, who were sent as fifth-anniversary special delegates for the 2015 project, already had a governing body and the understanding of students’ families, so that group was renamed to Hand in Hand Natori. (Since participating in Hand in Hand, no regular activities are being carried out as Natori Kodomo Musical alumni.)


  1. Social Contributions and Promotional Activities in Miyagi Prefecture
    -Holding concerts at retirement homes and kindergartens
    -Participating in local events
  2. Annual Concerts in Miyagi Prefecture
    -The program will include elements other than just choir, including musicals or dancing, with advice from the Music Director and requiring his final approval.
    -The project will send the Music Director and trainers for technical guidance.
    -With the possibility of joint performances with schools that have participated in the main project or will participate the next year, this concert will be considered a replacement for the Japan concert this year.
  3. Participation in Main Project
    -The rotation or selection process will be left up to Hand in Hand Natori, with 20 members who are first- or second-year high school students required to participate in the project every year.
    -It is possible to permit participation in only events within Japan for members who will not be going to the US.
  4. Support for Project Events within Japan
    -Volunteers and members that have already participated in the project will provide support for the training camps, the concert listed above, and other events.




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