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About Global Supporters

Global Supporters are a support organization for the project, and have no responsibility for performances or management. They contribute to the project being operated soundly through one of the methods for assistance listed below, supporting the project because they approve of it.


  1. Donations or sponsorships from the individual or an organization the individual belongs to
  2. That individual using their social position or influence to introduce possible donors or sponsors
  3. Individuals who can introduce important connections or organizations for the future of the project in Japan and throughout the world (including donors or sponsors)
  4. Individuals expected to be able to fulfill an important role in carrying out projects and new sub-projects in a way that meets the goals of the main project and the changing, diverse needs for support in disaster-affected areas
  5. Individuals expected to be able to promote the purpose and goals of the project internationally, and contribute to international recognition of the project
  6. Other individuals approved by the Promotion Committee or Global Supporters, when the individual or organization the individual belongs to are expected to be able to contribute to concrete future efforts to support the project, in line with the purpose of the project


Global Supports